About Us

Branded.app is a developer-friendly domain name leasing marketplace

We've experienced the frustration of naming a company. We've also experienced the frustration of selling domain names. Now we think we've found a solution.

We bridge the gap between domain owners and developers by taking an algorithmic approach to domain name leasing

We borrowed principles from commercial real estate and e-commerce marketplaces to create an easy-to-use platform that lowers the friction that causes most domain names to sit unused: high, purchase only, price tags that are prohibitive to startups and developers.


Branded.app facilitates access to top domains at low monthly prices so developers can use a top domain name before they have access to funding. Our customers are able to rent in perpetuity and have the option to purchase or cancel anytime. It's all guaranteed.


Our Mission is Simple: Lower the Barriers for Top Domains


Benefits For


Top Domains for a Low Monthly Fee
Try before you buy
Guaranteed Perpetual Access
Purchase or Cancel Anytime
Benefits For


Access Our Network of Developers
Monetize Your Domains
Increase Likelihood of Sale
Help Developers Build Businesses