How Long Does a Domain Lease Last?

You get to lease your domain for as long as you like. We hold the domain in our registrar account, so you never have to worry about losing access to your domain as long as you make your lease payments.

When Do I Get Access To My Domain?

Once you've paid for your first month of the lease, we will contact you to sign our tenant lease contract and acceptable use policy. As soon as these are signed, we'll follow your instructions for how you'd like to control your domain (you name servers, A record, 301/302 redirect, etc). This process is quick and users typically have control of their domain within 24 hours.

How Do I Control My Domain?

Once you've signed our tenant lease contract and acceptable use policy, we'll follow your instructions regarding how you'd like to control your domain. We recommend giving us 3+ name servers to assign the domain to (which gives you DNS control), but we can also point to a provided IP address via an A record, or even 301/302 redirect to a provided domain name. You can change these settings anytime with a quick email to our support desk at support@branded.app.

When Can I Purchase a Domain?

If you'd like to purchase your leased domain, drop us an email and we'll send you an invoice. As soon as you pay your invoice, we will transfer the domain to you.

What is the Purchase Price of a Domain?
All prices are based on a predetermined valuation and a "cap rate," a similar model to what is used in commercial real estate. We use a flat 4.0% cap rate, which means you are paying 4% of the total value annually and just 0.33% monthly. Also, your lease payment will increase by 4.0% annually. If you'd like to purchase your domain, you can do so anytime at the full value, as calculated by: Your annual payment (or your monthly payment x 12) ÷ 4% or more simply, 300 times your monthly payment. For example, if your lease payment is $100 / month: ($100 monthly x 12 months) ÷ 4% cap rate = $100 x 30 = $30,000
Are Lease and/or Purchase Prices Negotiable?
In general, no. That said, if you feel that something is mis-priced or would like to make an offer, reach out to us at support@branded.app and let us know. We'll forward your offer to the domain owner, and respond to you if they are interested in moving forward.